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Vacation Weight Loss! You could lose grams!

October 15th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Want to lose weight fast?  Then jump on a plane to the equator!

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As our planet hurtles relentlessly through space, it rotates to give us night and day.  Although Earth takes 24 hours to make just one revolution, its sheer size means a person stood on the equator has angular speed of over 1000mph!!  Here in Ilkley, my home town, which is at around 54ºN, angular speed is around 600mph.  A person stood on the north or south pole however has angular speed of Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  So what on Earth does this have to do with weight loss?

Well, you know that force you feel when you go round a bend in a car, or frolic on a roundabout in a kids’ playpark?  You can use that force to SHIFT EXCESS GRAMS!

Using this equation we can calculate the effect it has on your weight at 54º latitude.  You just need to know the radius of the earth R, some higher GCSE trigonometry and some AS-Level mechanics (to find the radial component of the centripetal force), and you find that a 100kg man/woman/hermeaphrodite/eunuch in Ilkley is subject to a radial force of 1.2 Newtons, which translates to a whopping 120g!  That’s how much a fat eskimo would lose instantly by relocating to Ilkley.

So what about a posh Ilkley dweller moving to sunny Kenya?  Well this time the maths is a lot simpler.  You can just plug a few numbers into the above equation; no trig involved at all.  The centripetal force acting on our 100kg man or woman at the equator amounts to 3.4 Newtons – that’s a flabberghasting 340 grams!!

In summary then, a 100kg over-eater from Ilkley can lose 220 grams (anyone can lose 0.22% of their body mass) by upping sticks and settling down for a new life on the equator.  And the good news is that even heavier people can lose even more weight! Happy holidays!!

NB: Aeroplanes are horribly unhealthy things.  If you really are wanting to lose weight by going to the equator then I recommend walking there.


Latitude of Ilkley: www.tiptopglobe.com (website reference at 10.25pm 15.10.09)

Earth radius: Wikipedia

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