Technology should permeate the teaching of mathematics

I am an expert in GeoGebra software, which I use alongside Desmos and other such tools to make mathematical animations to enhance my teaching and fortify conceptual learning.

As just a few examples, I use the apps below frequently in my teaching. Often in a tutoring session I will make something on the fly too, for example to demonstrate swiftly how changing a parameter affects the shape of a curve, or to bring a circle theorem to life.


A level – Binomial Distribution (with Normal and Poisson Approximations)

Adjust n and p to visualise your binomial distribution.

Critical regions are useful for visualising Binomial hypothesis tests.

Further Maths A level – Toggle the Normal Approximation and Poisson Approximation as required.

A level – Binomial Expansion

Control parameters a, b and n in the function f(x). Also control the number of terms in the binomial expansion.

The applet shows the correct function (black) alongside the binomial expansion of the function (green). It also shows the domain for which the expansion is valid.

A level – Projectiles

Play with the checkboxes, sliders and X points.